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Jason Todd here.

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I am a recent graduate with a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and I know that it can get tough to need certain pieces of technology, but not afford them.

During my senior year of college I purchased my textbooks through kindle, and read them through my tablet, pc, or phone, and I was impressed with the convince of access to my textbooks from any place with internet connection.

I created asusmemotablet.com to be a resource for other people, like me, who need a small tablet to fit their industrious life-styles.

Originally, I was attempting to write a promotion for the MeMO Pad 8, but the more I read-up on it, the less comfortable I felt about promoting it. A plethora of poor reviews, and the knowledge of the upgrade (the Zenpad S 8) led me change my mind to promoting the best cheap tablet

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