Quick Resources for IT Demigods

Problems Involved With Ignorance

If you do not understand what 2.33 GHz has to do with computing, it is okay.

It is just because you are still a mere mortal when it comes to tech.

The first thing to learn is to continue your computer education… always.

The most hazardous thing to a computer scientist’s career is new technology, because you will get laid off if you do not know how to perform on the latest software release.

I do not advise periodically hacking into Microsoft for the latest software updates in order to learn the material before everyone else, but if you did without getting caught, you probably would not get fired.

The next best thing is to keep up with news and classes. Constantly look for classes, seminars, articles, books, and products covering new material in the technology field, and your boss will not think of you as antiquated but experienced.

Free And Easy Solutions To Ignorance

So, where to start?

I like cnet.com. It is a safe (and free) place for software downloads and news. However, get your nerd glasses ready before clicking the link and stick with the basics until you get a taste, before diving in.

And then what?

After taking a spin with cnet, you should get an idea about the stuff that you like to do. Maybe beginning to practice some of the advise given in their blogs.

And then?

Look into courses…

Okay I can give you a few ideas.


www.coursera.org once had free classes, but now has grown to the point that only the audits are free, but the audits can provide important information.


Coursera is good and all, but I would start with khanacademy.org to run through the basics before expanding with coursera.





Lastly, I have the least experience with, but the most hope for openculture.com, which is loaded with information! 

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