What Makes A Good Tablet?

Delving Into The Speedy Computers

Why am I talking about speedy computers?

Tablets are essentially computers with a different operating system, and different controls.

My Story

My computer is a tough PC.Speed up computer

It has handled more than 4 years of operation, including heavy college use.

I dropped it, but nothing essential was hit directly.

I got a virus on it, and then I had to perform a reset.

It still works quickly!

I have a 4th generation I5 Intel Core (CPU), and I thought

“awesome! I made a great deal, and the rest of the world is trying to catch up to my computing power!”

I then searched to find my CPU and see how high-up my computer’s processor was…

It was in the 24th percentile for speed.

That’s a bad thing.

Over 75 % of the rest of the computers out there have a faster processor than mine….

But wait…

Why does my computer work so quickly?

The Balance Inside The Computer

I searched my computer’s specs and found out why it is so fast.

It has 8 GB of RAM.

I see some people trying to putter along with 2 GB of RAM on their PCs, and they cannot hold a candle to my speed.

Technically, it is not just the RAM, but the balance between the RAM and the CPU.

What is a good balance for a PC?

Well, right now it happens to be 8 GB of RAM.

what to do to speed up the computer

You may be sitting back saying,

“I’m dealing with a tablet!”


Which means fewer multi-tasking calculations.

If your tablet has 1 GB of RAM (or fewer), than it might be a good idea to send it to a technician and get a larger RAM installation, because better performance comes with 2 GB of RAM.

Or you can do the quicker and cheaper option: get a new tablet with higher RAM.

The first mini tablet with 4 GB worth of RAM was the Asus Zenpad S 8.0, but it is doubtful that a normal person will need that much RAM on his tablet.

As a result, there is the recommended 2 GB RAM option.

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